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Hey Everyone👋...As Advnet Season commences on November 27th prepare your hearts for the Lord... don't forget to remember Jesus Christ in your homes and festivities...even if you won't be decorating you homes this doesn't matter... prepare a room for Christ in your hearts..dwell in his word...immerse yourself in the fulfillment of the prophecies of the only Son of the true God of Israel thats the only way to truly know his perfection and love ,his grace and mercy..we live in times were Merry Christmas is replaced by Happy Holidays...the mere utterance of his name makes people offended even here in the middle east. Many will want to celebrate Christmas with you but without Christ. What is the point of Christmas without Christ? ...So, its upto each one of you Ambassadors of Christ to do your part. Moreover Don't forget and do share our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ this Christmas who is your brother, your hope, your joy, your peace, your advocate your ALL in ALL🔥‍🔥🔥

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