Faith Depends Not on Intellect, But the Power of God!

Praise the Lord! My name is Niveditha Jose and I am from Chicago, Illinois. I was raised in a Catholic family. I went to mass and CDD every Sunday, weekly prayer meetings, and Jesus Youth meetings and retreats as often as possible. As I grew a little older, evil started taking a hold of my life. I began falling into temptation such as watching, talking, and thinking inappropriate things, gossiping about people I had strong relationships with, and just constantly barging into drama. In late 2015, I started having dazes where I would blank out in the middle of just about anything. I could hear everything and see everything, but I couldn't control my body or react to anything. My brother noticed first and told my parents right away.Then, we went to one of the best hospitals in the state. There they had me go through a 48 hour EEG and diagnosed me with a disease called epilepsy. They told me I was having seizures and started right away with the medicines. My life was just so different and scary after that. On the outside, I looked like the same old me, and my parents even said I was taking this so easily. But, inside I just felt so scared that somebody would notice. We went through so many medicines, but none of them worked and they just made me more tired. Later in June 2016, Fr. Xavier Khan Vattayil and Fr. Saju Elanjyil came to a nearby house for a short while. We wanted to see Fr.Vattayil, and because he was staying at a home by my house, my whole family was invited. As we got there, father invited us to join him for his evening prayer. I began to cry uncontrollably thinking about how I just blamed God for everything and never just sat down and actually prayed. My dad had told them that I had epilepsy and to please pray for that intention. They prayed over me and said I WOULD BE HEALED. To this day, I have never received a single seizure again. Hallelujah! After this miracle had happened in my life, my faith grew all the more. I have had more of a personal prayer life and have been able to go to more retreats. By his grace, I have been called to minister to people who don't yet know Jesus Christ. I am now part of Anointing Fire Catholic Youth Ministry and am very happy with what God has planned for my life. I have become more courageous through him. Even though there are still downfalls, Joshua 1:9 comes to my mind." Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” God has the power to heal when medicine and men cannot. Praise the Lord! Be Holy, Be on Fire, Amen!