Future Glory behind Sufferings

Jenna Chakkalapadavil

I was born and raised in a Catholic family throughout my life. However, I never had a tangible experience with God, which never gave me the urge to know how important faith was in an individual's life. During that time, I was faced with a very shocking news-- At the age of thirteen, I was diagnosed with a visual impairment and was told that by the time I was nineteen, I would be completely blind. When I heard this reality, instead of running to God in this situation, I cursed Him, thinking he was punishing me. Through this rough path in my life, I started to overthink and slowly began to feed in negativity into my mind. I kept thinking I was the cause of all the troubles going on at home, which later led to the thought of ending my life. At one point I was close to ending it all thinking I was going to put an end to these sufferings in my life, but something held me back. Kneeling in front of a picture of Jesus in my room, I yelled at God asking why he put so many trials in my life. John 9:4 the Word of God says, “Neither he nor his parents sinned, it is so the works of God may be made visible through him.” This was the answer God gave me through His word. At that moment I knew God had a plan for me. In Jeremiah 29:11 the Word of God says, “For I now well the plans I have for you, plans for your welfare, not your destruction.” From that day forward, I slowly started to change the way I lived my life and believed that God will take care of me every step of the way. He delivered me from those negative thoughts and proved human knowledge wrong and made me realize His plans are bigger than anyone else. My brothers and sisters, nothing is impossible with God! Now, even at the age of 20 and in my third year of nursing school, by God’s grace my vision has been stable for the past 7 years. Praise God for his unending mercy! From that day forward, He’s chosen me to be part of the Anointing Fire Family and serve His Kingdom. Praise be to God!