His Everlasting Love

Aleena Tharayil

It all started in 2013 when I discovered my best friend, Jesus. I grew up doing family prayers every night, going to Sunday mass, attending ccd, going to prayer meetings every weekend, and going to Jesus Youth Saturday mornings. But I did not participate in these activities for the right reasons. My reasons for attending these things were either to see my friends or just being forced into it, not for God.

My love for God all started by attending a Shalom Retreat in 2013. At this time in my life, I have questioned and doubted Jesus. Was this man even real? Where's the proof? During praise and worship that was conducted by Dr. John D, my hands were in the air, I was mumbling hallelujah, and my eyes were closed because that's what everyone else was doing. As I opened my eyes I saw people being slain in the Holy Spirt. At this moment I saw the proof I needed to see which was the presence of the Holy Spirt and that was the moment I knew Jesus is real.

After this retreat Jesus has become my acquaintance. I would say what's up to him here and there. 2 years went by and I attended an Anointing Fire Catholic Youth Ministry retreat. I experienced the love of Jesus Christ in this retreat. During praise and worship I personally felt the presence of the Holy Spirt. As I was praising from the bottom of my heart, my fingers began to curl and both my hands turned completely numb.

Now Jesus has become my friend. I would always talk to him and he knew everything about me. I was always talking to Jesus and he was always listening to me but I knew nothing about him. It was always a one sided conversation. My freshmen year of college was a time where I rejected God the most. From October 2017 to May of 2018 I fell into a lot of sin. A part of me felt guilty doing these worldly things, but another part of me enjoyed it. In May of 2018 I attended the Empower Retreat hosted by AFCYM. And in June of 2018 I attended an AFCYM gathering in Nashville. In these two events I realized how much greater God's love is than all these worldly things. Those worldly things only temporarily brought me happiness, but the happiness I receive from God feels eternal.

Now Jesus is my best friend! It is a two sided conversation now! I continue to talk to him everyday. But now I spend a greater amount of time with him. I now have the desire to learn about Jesus and the Catholic faith. Romans 8:39 "Neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord."