I Know the Plans I Have for You!

Joel Jijo

Starting off from my childhood, I was raised in a religious family being the "perfect" child. I always strived to be better than others and always had much of what I wanted to do planned out, however, I never really had a constant relationship with God. While attending a retreat, God spoke to me through Jeremiah 29:11-" 'For I know the plans I have for you,' says the Lord, 'plans for your welfare and not for your harm' ". Through this word of God, the Holy Spirit revealed to me the greater plan that God had for me. I began to understand from that point that everything that happened in my life was for my welfare, although at the time it may have seemed to be harmful. Slowly, my life became all about pleasing God and always talking to him. Although at many times I have fallen and gone down in faith, each time Jesus was there to help me up. One other change that occurred in my life was my perspective of small things. I began to see how Jesus works in different parts of our lives and saw how important our faith is in our daily spiritual battle. Today, I can gladly say that the Lord has plucked me out from where I was and is now using me for His greater glory. By the grace of God, I have a strong relationship with God and always strive to please him rather than the world.