Wanted By God

Josh Thomas

I had my first encounter with Christ 2 years ago when my cousin told me about his experience at a retreat. Before he told me about his experience, I did not care about anything related to church and God. He told me to take the next retreat seriously because God can really change my life and I did what he told me. At first I thought this retreat was a waste of time, but seconds later, I started to pour out crying! The experience was just so amazing and I was filled with joy afterwards. I made God my priority after that Anointing Fire retreat. However, I soon went back to my old ways and lost all of my faith and started living for this world again. When I was doing worldly things, I was always upset and things in my life started to go downhill. Then one day I was talking to my friend, and I thought about going to a retreat my older brother told me about. We both agreed to attend the Revive to start off the year, and we also got my cousin (the one who helped me kickstart my religious life) to come with us. At first we were all planning to mess around, but on the second day we heard a message from one of the ministers and he was telling us a lot of deep things about our faith which hit all of us. I went to confession after months of not going and I just felt so clean inside. At the retreat, we were all about to get a blessing when someone tapped me on the shoulder and said “You know, Jesus loves you,” and my eyes started to get watery. This touched me so much because I had felt so lonely, unwanted, and disappointed in 2018. I had so many deadly sins and Jesus was just so merciful to forgive me! During adoration I just starting crying and got the gift of tongues. Afterwards, I just felt great and wanted to live my life for Jesus— I found my happiness and place in life! Just know, Jesus loves you! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽