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Image by Avinash Kumar


Anointing Fire Catholic Youth Ministry is an official member of the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry. 

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The Mission of this ministry is only to gain souls for the Kingdom of God. As it says in the gospel of Matthew, "the Harvest is plenty but the laborers are few." We believe that God has purposed and built this ministry so that laborers may be sent to the field to collect the Harvest.

The Vision of this ministry is to see the Youth come closer to the Holy Catholic Church. We believe that God will use us and all the ministries he has raised up to bring his children to the table to feast with him.



Rev. Fr. Xavier Khan Vattayil

Attapadi, Kerala, India

Founder of Anointing Fire Catholic Ministries


Mrs. Ainish Philip

Nashville, TN, USA

International Youth Leader of Anointing Fire Catholic Youth Ministry



The House of Exceeding Joy is our upcoming retreat center in Nashville, TN. In faith we see this as a center where youth will come to receive exceeding joy in the spirit as it tells us in Psalm 43:4.

Image by Avinash Kumar


In a small, remote village in India, Anointing Fire Catholic Ministries was founded by Rev. Fr. Xavier Kahn Vattayil through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in 1998. Anointing Fire was formed to proclaim the Gospel under the guidance of the Holy Catholic Church. Through the mercy and grace of God, Fr. Xavier is being used as a great instrument for the Kingdom of God on a worldwide basis. 

Today, God has opened many doors for this ministry through many different channels. Anointing Fire Catholic Youth Ministries is led by Mrs. Ainish Philip and it focuses on giving Jesus to the youth of North America through events happening every weekend. The Ministry is rooted deeply in the word of God and led by the inspirations of the Holy Spirit. 


We invite each of you to join us in this movement for revival in the Catholic Church and do pray for us! 

Be Holy! Be on Fire!

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