History of AFCM

The Founder and the Director of AFCM Fr. Xavier Khan Vattayil began his charismatic renewal ministry by starting Sehion Retreat Centre, Attapady in Kerala in 1998. Over the course of time Fr. Soji Olikkal, Fr. Reni Pullukalayil and Fr. Binoy Karimaruthinkal were all brought together through the works of the Holy Spirit to serve to this ministry. They went around preaching the Word of God and doing Deliverance Ministry all over the World. Through their ministry, Holy Spirit has touched thousands of people and they were all on fire to take up their duty in the Church. They wanted to dedicate their self for the building up of the Church and for the work of Evangelization. Many people all over the world became missionaries.

Prompted by the Holy Spirit, in 2014, all missionaries were brought together under one global ministry named as Anointing Fire Catholic Ministry (AFCM).

In 2014, Fr.Xavier Khan founded a Monastery for women religious called Abhishekagni Sisters of Jesus and Mary (ASJM) and in 2018, founded a Monastery for Priests, named Preachers of Divine Mercy (PDM). Now AFCM, PDM & ASJM work together as one missionary movement with a common goal of salvation of souls.

His Excellency, most Rev. Jacob Manathodath, the Bishop of Palghat Diocese is the patron of AFCM.

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History of AFCYM

In 2009, Ainish was invited by Reverend Father Soji Olikkal to lead a session for the children during the Second Saturday convention in the United Kingdom. Ainish recalls, "My initial plan entailed presenting a story centered on Noah's ark, accompanied by coloring pages and recreational activities." However, when Ainish presented these ideas to Father Soji, he promptly redirected the focus, advising, "Ainish, do not babysit these children. Give them the Word of God." Ainish then turned to Matthew 7:7 in the Bible, using actions to teach the children this verse and proclaimed the Word of God to them.

The reception of the Word of God among the children was overwhelming. Ainish notes, "During the subsequent Second Saturday conventions, the original ten children expanded as they invited their peers." Their session grew to include thirty children, and with each successive convention, their numbers swelled. At one point, the number of children in attendance surpassed that of the adults, forcing them to find a new place to conduct the retreat.

As their ministry continued to flourish, they embarked on outreach initiatives across various parishes, states, dioceses, and even countries. Ainish, who presently resides in the United States, mentions that their operational headquarters transitioned to Nashville, where they established a retreat center for the youth known as the House of Exceeding Joy. They continue to nurture youth and children from all over the world. Ainish concludes, "Be holy, Be on Fire!"